Summer Skin Series - 5 Tips for Controlling Oily Skin

We love the summer, who doesn’t? But what we don’t love is excess oil caused by the increased temperatures in the summer months. With increased temps comes excess oil, breakouts & major makeup meltdowns. We’re sharing our favorite summer skincare tips and tricks so you and your skin can have fun in the sun all summer long! 

Double cleanse - our first tip on the list should come as no surprise, and that is to double cleanse! Oily and acne prone skin can especially benefit from double cleansing because it ensures the removal of sebum and oil-based products like sunscreens, while balancing the skin’s moisture levels. The first step in double cleansing is using an oil-based cleanser. We know what you’re thinking… put oil onto oily skin? Yes! Oil based products are known to especially break down oil-based impurities. Basically, oil gets rid of oil. For oily and acne prone skin, we recommend the Banila Co Clean it Zero + Pore Clarifying Cleansing Balm. It’s rich in jojoba oil as well as a tri-peel acid blend of AHA, BHA and LHA which not only deeply cleanses the skin, but it also helps to balance oil production soothe skin. Next, follow up with a foaming face wash, like the Banila Co Clean it Zero + Pore Clarifying Foam Cleanser to make sure you’re cleansing away impurities while replenishing moisture. 

Utilize skin treatments weekly - while you should be double cleansing every night, there’s some treatments that you can incorporate into your routine on a weekly basis that will be beneficial for your skin. One of our favorite ways to not only sneak in some self-care, but also keep our skin in check is using a face mask 1-2 times a week. Oily and acne prone skin especially crave ingredients like witch hazel and green tea to detox and cleanse the pores for a more balanced complexion. The Banila Co Hi Bye Clean Up Mud Facial Mask is the perfect mask match for oily and acne prone skin. Simply apply an even layer of Hi Bye Clean Up Mud Facial Mask for 10-15 minutes 1-2 times a week, simple as that! 

Make it matte - mastering your summer makeup look, especially if you’re dealing with excess oil and breakouts can be challenging to say the least! That’s why we opt for matte products whenever possible. The Banila Co Matte Prime Primer is a great mattifying primer that grips to makeup to skin for a super long wear, suitable for the summer heat. Choosing other mattifying products like a foundation, concealer and blush also help to mattify the skin and manage excess oil. 

Set + forget makeup - so now that you’ve double cleansed, masked, used matte makeup, it’s now time to set your makeup. The setting spray you choose is just as important as the other products in your routine. Setting spray will not only hydrate the skin, but it will also help your makeup stay in place even on a hot summer day. The Banila Co Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Rejuvenating Ampoule Mist not only feels super lux and refreshing, but it also gives your makeup major staying power. 


Opt for an oil free sunscreen - when we think of Summer, we think of sunscreen, but the reality is, we should wear sunscreen 365 days a year, yes even in the winter! But when it comes to selecting a summer sunscreen our best tip to you is to opt for an oil-free sunscreen. Choosing an oil-free sunscreen and oil free makeup products can really help manage oily skin, especially in the Summer. 


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