If you’ve been scrolling though #skincaretiktok lately you’ve probably seen the slugging trend going around and been super intrigued. And if you aren’t familiar, don’t worry you’re not alone! Our friends at iherb are explaining everything you need to know about slugging, along with the best products + tips for your skincare slugging routine. Did we mention that our Clean It Zero Nourishing Cleansing Balm made the list of products that are perfect for skin slugging prep?!

It's true. In order to pull off the perfect slugging routine, you’ll need more than a petroleum-based product.

You may be reading this and asking yourself ‘what the heck is slugging anyway? According to iherb, slugging is simpler than you’d think. It means to “apply a petroleum-based product like Vaseline as the final step in your skincare routine in order to trap in moisture and create a seal that promotes healing the skin barrier. But … Why is it called “slugging”? Well, that’s because after applying a petroleum-based product to your skin, it looks shiny, like … the trail left by a slug. I know that doesn’t sound appealing! But this is a dermatologist-approved hack that can dramatically improve the overall appearance and condition of your skin” (Janine Hill, iherb).

While you may think the most important part of your slugging routine is the petroleum-based product, think again! The way you prep your skin to slug is just as important. That’s where we come in. We all know the first step of any skincare routine starts with a gentle and effective cleanse, and the Clean It Zero Nourishing Cleansing Balm is the perfect pick. The nourishing cleansing balm is rich in honey and helps remove makeup, dirt, and excess oil, without stripping your skin. Our skin soothing cleansing balm acts as the perfect base for your slugging routine and ensures for smooth slugging!

Make sure to check out iherb’s full blog on slugging for their full list of tips, and while you’re there check out your favorite Banila products that you can have shipped to you anywhere in the world! 


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